Custom Label Water

Labels & Artwork

All bottles include a full color water proof custom label. Email your artwork files to us and our graphics department can send you a free virtual proof (your logo on a bottle).


Once you confirm your quote and approve an order, an official label proof will be sent to you with specifics on color, formatting, sizing, layout etc. 

We are your one stop shop. Label design, filling, labeling, packaged and shipped to you. Clear label available on Alkaline water orders only. We can design label idea you wish for your custom label bottled water.


Make an Impression.

Effective Branding.

Email us your logo and we will send you back a free virtual proof. We will place your logo on the bottle size you choose for a nice visual representation of what your bottles will look like before production. Official printable pdf proofs are provided after an order is placed. Let's get started on your custom label water.

With our numerous bottle options we provide you a large canvas to display your logo, message, coupons, announcement or any visual you choose or imagine on bottle water. If you need assistance with a design idea, reach out, our art department can make your custom label bottled water come to life.

Abstract Shapes
Refreshing Walking Advertisement
Coupon Codes - QR Codes - Promotions 
Announcements - Giveaways

Label Proofs

Email your logo and uur graphics team will assist in achieve your desired vision. We will send you a FREE virtual proof. 

To ensure the highest quality print, provide AI, EPS/Vector, JPG, PDF files.  Minimum DPI 300+

Creating your own label? Download our label template by clicking the bottle size you'd like to design (see right side).

If you don't have a logo or artwork, just let us know and we can put something together for you.

Logo Design

Send us your Logo

Image by Mika Baumeister

Full Color Design

High Impact

Whether you order the 10, 16.9 or 20oz, 1L or 4 gallon , a full color, water proof, premium BOPP polypropylene label is included. A beautiful canvas to display your logo or message and make an impression.  


No Peeling

BOPP labels are UV coated meaning they are water proof and can be soaked, refridgerated , iced without any degradation to your label. Your brand or message will last!
Labels are permanently stuck to bottles and will not peel off when soaked, refrigerated or iced. We DO NOT produce paper labels like many of our competitors. Only the best for you, our valued customers.
Image by Jordan McDonald

Water Proof Labels

Hand Holding Color Swatches

Digital Print

Labels are printed on a digital press creating high resolution and sharp images. No pixelations or fuzziness as we use high quality printers to ensure premium print quality.

There are no limitations on what you can include on your labels. Coupons, announcements, sponsorship logos, the possibilities are endless. If you are unsure of the design you wish to have, let us come up with something for you. We take care of everything from start to finish.

Printing Machine

High Resolution

Rolled Magazines

Large Canvas

Label Sizes

We have standardized label sizes for each of our bottles sizes. Labels have excellent coverage around  the bottle to display your logo or message. 

10oz Bottle: 1.75'' x 7.00'' 

16.9oz  Bottle: 2.00'' x 7.375'' 

16.9oz Bullet Bottle:  2.00'' x 7.375''

4.00'' x 7.00” (Special Request)

(Clear or Solid color available) 

1L Bullet Bottle: 2.00'' x 7.375''

4.00'' x 7.00'' (Special Request)

(Clear or Solid color available) 

4 Gallon: 4.00'' x 6.00''

Need Design Help?

Reach out to us!

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