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Bottle Sizes & Options

Direct to door delivery, one time orders, weekly, monthly, subscriptions or order as needed options. Perfect for promotional use, advertising, resale or simply stock your office fridges for staff.

Resale or Advertising.

We produce numerous bottles in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Our bottles are BPA FREE, class one PET meaning there is no use of Bisphenol A keeping the safety of our customers a top priority. All bottles include custom labels applied so when you receive your order, they are ready for distribution, sale or consumption.

Your Logo. Your Brand.

Competitive pricing. Low minimum orders. Durable, BPA-free bottles with premium full color water proof custom labels.  Give your brand the premium feel and look you deserve. Choose from our 10oz, 16.9oz and more.  Offering purified and alkaline water options.

Custom Label Bottled Water
10oz - 16.9oz - 1L - 4Gl

10oz 296ml

PET 1 - BPA FREE - Recyclable
Purified Water
Ultra Clear Durable 20g  • White Flat Caps
Label Size: 1.75'' x 7.00'' (included)
24 Bottles Per Case
The perfect size for promotional use at trade shows, expos, offices, car dealerships, corporate meetings, giveaways, events and more. Contact us for bulk, half truck and full truckload orders.
10oz Custom Label Bottled Water
Custom label water custom water custom labeled bottled water

16.9oz 500ml

PET 1 - BPA FREE - Recyclable
Purified Water
Ultra Clear Durable 24g  • White Flat Caps
Label Size: 2.00'' x 7.375''' (included)
24 bottles per case
The perfect size for maximum exposure. Use for resale  or promote your business in style with a large custom label bottle that serves as the ultimate walking advertisement. 
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16.9oz & 1L Bullet Bottle

PET 1 - BPA Free - Recyclable
Purified or Artesian Purified Alkaline Water
Ultra Clear - Durable  • White Caps
Label Size: 2.00'' x 7.375'' or 4.00" x 7.00" (included)
16.9oz - 24 bottles per case
1L - 6 bottles per case

Premium bottle for creating your own brand and reselling. Also a high end option for promoting your business with a modern look and luxury feel. 


Glasses of Water

4 Gallon

PET 1 - BPA Free - Recyclable
Purified or Alkaline Water
Blue Tinted  - Durable  • Flat Cap
Label: Aqua Brand or Custom (included)
40 Units per load (store & ship program)
The ideal choice for home, office, industrial and commercial locations which have cooler tanks or dispensers.  Also great for bulk water delivery and simply pour as needed. Prepay for one pallet of 40 jugs and  shipped as needed.

Not sure which size?

Contact Us. We can Help.

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